Opening Screening

Fr, Nov 9th 2018, 6.30 p.m.

"Reunion – Ten years after the war"

Jon Haukeland (Norway / 2011 / 1h 12min)

1999: Serbian military forces and Albanian guerrillas were fighting in Kosovo. Serbs and Albanians lived separate lives. As their country verged on war, a group of brave students decided to meet their opponents. Director Jon Haukeland was present. The meeting resulted in the documentary Before the bombs (1999). Two weeks after the meeting, the NATO bombings began, and the students lost track of each other. Ten years later, Jon Haukeland brings them together once again. The conflicts remain, but the tables have turned: Serbs who had been driven away encounter the new Albanian elite of Kosovo. A remarkable plea for the utter determination to keep a dialogue alive.

 Competition Block 1

Sat, Nov 10th 2018, 2.00 p.m.


Stijn Bouma
(Bosnia-Herzegovina / 2017 / 22min)

Lejla is a young woman from Sarajevo who feels stuck in her life, working in a fast food restaurant and taking care of her elderly father. One day she meets Vedad and they fall in love. Vedad offers
her the possibility of leaving together with him, but she is unsure about what's best for her future..


Dubravka Turic 
(Croatia / 2017 / 30min)

Family tensions are slowly eroding what should have been a carefree summer for 10-year old Jakov. Shielded by the innocence of a child, Jakov does not understand the cause of the troubles, but can sense a profound injustice in the actions of the grown ups. A series of events ending in tragedy will incite his emotional revolt, but also his feelings of guilt.


Antonin Blanc 
(Serbia/France / 2018 / 10min)

A man drives his car around Belgrade. From sparkles of memories of communism, the city will bring him to establish a manifesto for the future.



Nikolche Popovski 
(Mazedonia / 2017 / 13min)

The last remaining occupant of an old abandoned village communicates with the last remaining occupant of the neighbouring village via the church bell.


Besim Ugzmajli 
(Kosovo / 2018 / 15min)

Bujar, a youngster, is manipulated by a kosovar Imam in joining terrorist groups fighting in Syria. He secretly joins the war and then asks his older brother Agron to send Bujar's wife Mimoza to Syria too. Agron horrified by his brother's actions confronts Bujar and asks him to return to Kosovo. Agron tries to prevent Mimoza from going to Syria hoping to convince his brother to return. Their mother on the other hand is gravely ill and Mimoza and Agron look after her.Down with the illnes, she tries to understand what's happening with her family all the while everyone's keeping secrets from her. Bujar threatens Mimoza by marrying a war widow should she not join him in Syria.


Zgjim Terziqi 
(Kosovo / 2017 / 27min)

The real life story of a blind woman with no home, living her four sisters' pact of keeping her at their respective residences for a month each.


Sat, Nov 10th 2018, 4.00 p.m.


Davor Sanvincenti 
(Croatia / 2017 / 12min)

The film revolves around a light bulb like the Earth around the sun. Light makes the film visible. In the orbit of the film tragedy and our reality, the image resists the cruelty of the experiment.

"I AM"

Trampuž Bocevska 
(Slovenia / 2017 / 15min)

Milan is coming back home to his mother.  He was in prison for stealing because his father was ill and they wanted to try some alternative ways of treatment which costs money. In this time his mother was forced to rent their apartment and she lives in a garage. Milan is trying to get  some work, with a help of his friend, but things don't go as planed.  One night he finds out that his mother is also very ill. That brings back his fears and he turns to what he knows. Milan decides to take the harder way, he knows is time for changes and starts to believe that laws and people can change.


Maja Bahtijarevic & Johanna Jannsen 
(Bosnia-Herzegovina, Germany / 2017 / 28min)

Maja Bahtijarevic fled war in Bosnia-Hercegovina with her parents in 1992 when she was six years old. Ever since she had a good life in Germany - but leaving her home country and realising, that everyone tries to leave hoping for a better life abroad she starts to wonder why some young people doesn't want to leave. She goes back to Bosnia-Herzegovina and meets Stefan, Jelena and Pedja: Three who chose to stay even though they know that they have to fight for opportunities and perspectives. They tell their stories, about the present situation, their beliefs and their hopes.


3Julie Rodrigue
(Bosnia-Herzegovina / 2017 / 25min)

A young woman spends long days working in an exiguous shop and in the evening she goes back to her small apartment to take care of her father. Passing by from one cramped place to another, she wants to change her life for a wider space. In this moment of transition from one place to another, she meets someone who offers to her the opportunity of a complete change of scenery.


Nermin Hamzagić
(Bosnia-Herzegovina / 2018 / 27min)

Four young actresses fresh from acting school compete for a Playroom Attendant job, revealing their hopes, fears and ambitions.  


Sat, Nov 10th 2018, 8.00 p.m.


Barbara Vekaric
(Croatia / 2017 / 18min)

Stefani has asymmetrical breasts, which becomes a difficult secret to conceal when her high school goes on a trip. Stefani navigates her sexual anxiety amid increasing pressures from her friends and the boy she likes, but when someone discovers the padding in her bra, Stefani takes drastic action to subdue the growing rumors about her.


Pilar Palomero
(Bosnia-Herzegovina, Spain / 2017 / 37min)

Nana, an eighty-year-old woman, is in a need of surgery. She and her husband leave their village of Hrsa and move temporarily to Sarajevo, where they live with their daughter while awaiting the procedure. Even though the couple loves being with their family, the wait for the surgery drags on and Nana becomes increasingly home sick. The couple is promised that the surgery will happen very soon and that they need to be patient. As they linger longer away from their home, they miss their way of life, the mountains, and their daily routine.


Salvador Palma 
(Bosnia-Herzegovina, Portugal / 2018 / 15min)

Two film directors talk about human nature and the purpose of life, Humanity’s missteps and the impossibility of perfection, about the infinity of time and space, about politics, philosophy and religion, about contentment, sanity and suicide.


Ivan Djurovic 
(Serbien / 2017 / 28min)

A group of wild boys who reject everything that has to do with the world of grownups as corruptible and hypocritical meet Vladan, who appears to be nothing like their weak fathers and decide to show him a secret hidden in the woods. Soon after that they realize that he is not the kind of man they though he was. Vladan disappointed them and they understood that as an act of betrayal.  


Sat, Nov. 10th 2018, 10.00 p.m.


Goran Stolevski 
(Mazedonia / 2017 / 19min)

A hard-headed tomboy spots the unlikely solution to all her problems in an all-male religious ritual.


"Snijeg za Vodu"

Christopher Villiers 
(Bosnia-Herzegovina / 2017 / 15min)

Set in 1994 during the siege of Sarajevo, a father asks his two children (8 and 5 years old) to dodge the sniper bullets and fill the bath with freshly fallen snow, so that when it melts they can use it as water. He then heads off to visit their mother in hospital. The children risk their lives to obey.


Lorena Sopi 
(Albania, Kosovo / 2018 / 12min)

On the ninth birthday, during the 1999 war, Rreze Abdullahu has written the Diary of Fear. In that significant day, she didn’t except any gifts or any birthday-party. She had only one wish: She didn’t want to die. That day, Rreze (Ray) went towards the Serbian soldier who was guarded the area and said to him: Today, it is my birthday, and I don’t want to die!...I just want to be alive. The soldier began to cry. Rreze got stoned, she thought the soldiers never cry. Eighteen years later, upon the ruins of the past, Rreze appears in desperation with the world that doesn’t appear to be any better. This film has been based upon the true Diary of Rreze Adbullahu..


Astrit Alihajdaraj 
(Kosovo, Austria / 2017 / 21min)

The Remigrant tells a story about Bashkim (50) and his son Besnik (17). They have a lot in common. They both had to leave their homes at their young age. The father had to flee to Austria because of the war in Kosovo and his son has to go back to Kosovo at the request of the father. The return to Kosovo after seventeen years in Vienna is a hard growing up test for both of them. The strong desire for the place of childhood connects and separates father and son alike.


Ninian Green 
(Kosovo / 2017 / 10min)

A sunny afternoon in modern-day Kosova. Three friends decide to spice up a birthday with some mushrooms. How much spice can their friendship take?


Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovi 
(Croatia / 2017 / 22min)

Emotionally scarred, Julija is desperate to reconnect with her best friend Ana. But Ana is in love with a boy and Julija is no longer a priority. Ana's mounting rejection reignites Julija's wounds and family history, awakening the monster of violence she thought she'd left behind.  


Sun, Nov. 11th 2018, 12 p.m.


Dejan Petrović 
(Serbia / 2017 / 17min)

The Same is a film that shows the everyday life of convicts and jailers in some of the biggest jails in Serbia by using it as a metaphor to present the loss of personal identity in modern society. This documentary compares a jail system to fixed social rules and raises questions about the relativity of human freedom.


Ognjen Petkovic 
(Serbia, USA / 2017 / 13min)

In an idyllic setting, an aging man tries to keep the harsh realities of an encroaching war hidden from his wife.


Judith Beuth 
(Bosnia-Herzegovina / 2017 / 38min)

In a still war-torn Sarajevo, the collective efforts of a schoolteacher and parents to create a learning environment for a deaf boy, without government aid, becomes a success story that gives new life to the inclusionary education debate worldwide.


Branislav Milatović 
(Kosovo / 2018 / 10min)

An abruptly imagined world, encouraged by a casual suggestion of an indifferent psychoanalyst, immerses his patient into idyllic scenes of other people's lives full of everyday problems that seem more desirable than his own.


Zoran Pribicevic
(Croatia / 2017 / 20min)

The script follows the emotional and spiritual downward spiral of a modern man breaking down under the pressures of everyday life.


 Guest Screening 2

Sun, Nov 11th 2018, 2.00 p.m.

"My Life Without Air"

Bojana Burnać (Croatia / 2017 / 1h 12min)

A thrilling view of the wondrous world of a man whose most important moments in life take place underwater during one highly controlled breath. Unrelentingly shifting the boundaries of physicality, he persists beyond the possible, believing that upon return to the surface he will once again be the best.

 Closing Screening

Sun, Nov. 11th 2018, 6 p.m. Uhr

"Among Wolves"

Shawn Convey (USA, Germany, Bosnia-Herzegovina / 2016 / 1h 34min)

A motorcycle club led by Bosnian War veterans finds redemption in helping their struggling town to heal and defend the threatened herd of wild horses they first met on the front line.